A unique achievement: aid for 100 children

In 18 years, Mia’s Children has modeled over 100 children, giving them hope in the future, care and support, changing destinies and bringing to society unquestionable values.

So far, the children have promoted with good and very good results the forms of education they have completed.

Most children have obtained school awards and diplomas in various curricular and extracurricular competitions:

  • 17 young people attended university studies in Marketing, Tourism, Art History, Psychology, Law, Medicine etc.
  • 15 young people graduated from specialized high schools that aimed at training in different professions required by the labor market.
  • Over 20 have attended theoretical and art high schools.
  • 8 children are members of the Children’s Broadcasting Choir, many of them participating in concerts in the country and abroad.
  • 6 children attend dance courses and have been awarded various competitions.
  • 9 children are part of the Luceafărul football team and have obtained 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in different age categories.
  • Some of the children study piano and guitar.
  • Another part of them are involved in performing theater performances on stage in Bucharest.

They participate in shows at various social, humanitarian events.

  • 17 children paint. Their works have been exhibited in the country and abroad such as the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Iraq.

Periodically, hand made works are present at different fairs and exhibitions.

The children’s activity and their life stories were included in the publication of two books dedicated to children and parents.

Among the many results obtained over the years, children have been noted in artistic fields:

One of the girls was an actor in the film Foreign Exchange, a film that was awarded at the Film Festival – The Golden Bear.

One of the boys was a champion on the chess town of Bucharest.

One of the girls obtained the title of national champion at table tennis.

One of the boys won prizes at national and international marathon competitions and 3rd place with the Oina team.

Over 7 children have won national and international prizes in creative competitions.

All these results mirror the fact that the Association believes in the potential of each child, that education is a basic element in the formation and harmonious development of children’s personality.

Each child is encouraged to learn, to create, to believe in the potential they have, to enjoy the personal achievements but also of the group.

He is encouraged to become involved and to bring to light all that is beautiful and good in his being.

The good and very good results are the result of a sustained work, done with professionalism, with dedication and hope both by the people who work within the Association but also by the volunteers who dedicate their time and potential.

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