Terms and conditions

The site www.mias-children.ro is the property of MIA’S CHILDREN ROMANIA ASSOCIATION, with its headquarters in Strada Drumul Bacriului no. 44C Red Village, Chiajna Commune, Ilfov CP: 077040. This document sets out the terms and conditions under which you can use the website www.mias-children.ro, hereinafter referred to as MIA.

The access and use of the MIA is made under the authority of these rules, in the terms and conditions set out below. The use of the site implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the consequences arising from their acceptance.


The purpose of the authorization for the use of the MIA is obtained from information. Any use for other purposes is already permitted.

By the term “of use” on its website you can contact any natural person or legal entity to access this site.


MIA offers free access to the website www.mias-children.ro and authorizes you to view, print and transmit information existing on the site only for personal, non-commercial purposes.

The content of this site, the texts, graphics, photographs, logos and any other materials present on the site are protected by copyright law and are the property of MIA or its partners.

The copyright of the texts and images existing on this site is the property of MIA. No material on this site may be reproduced in part, in full or modified without citing the source and prior explicit permission, by written agreement.

The reproduction, copying, multiplication, sale, resale or exploitation of the materials made available by the MIA through the site in a way that violates the Romanian or international legislation regarding copyright and intellectual property, implies civil or criminal liability for such actions.

Any eventual litigation regarding this site is the competence of the common law courts in Romania.


Not allowed:

  • copy, multiplication, distribution, archiving or storage, by any means, including electronic, magnetic or computerized, of the materials and information existing on this site;
  • the attempt to intervene, by any means, in the content of this site, the deletion or modification by any means of the published materials and information, or the attempt to act for this purpose;
  • attempting to interfere with the functioning of the hosting servers or the MIA network by any means, including attacking them by “flooding” or “DOS”;
  • the use of any e-mail addresses published through the site for distribution on mailing lists or for sending commercial emails (“spamming”) or for any other purpose than sending justified personal emails, without the written consent of the owners of these addresses.

Violation of any of these rules entails civil or criminal liability. The MIA will investigate the facts that involve such violations, cooperating with the authorities to prevent or prevent such violations.


MIA reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, partially or in whole, the services made available through this site, with or without prior notification.

MIA is not responsible to the user, any third party natural or legal person or institution for modifying, suspending or interrupting the services available through the site.

MIA may change the content and conditions of use of the site at any time. The new conditions become valid when they have been made public by registering on this site and are not retroactive.


If it is considered that any material made available on the site, posted by the MIA, by third parties or users, violates the copyright or any other rights, it is necessary to report this situation to the office@mias-children.ro.

For sections of the site that may contain readers’ opinions, the responsibility for the content of the opinions lies entirely with their authors. The MIA reserves the right not to make public those opinions that contravene the terms and conditions of use or which it considers harmful, in any form, to their own image, to their partners or third parties.


The personal information made available to the MIA website in order to receive or use some services are protected under the law Law 677/2001.

The MIA undertakes not to publish the e-mail address of the users and not to disclose it to a third party, unless it is among the expressly agreed partners, unless this is necessary to comply with the law and / or court proceedings.

MIA does not assume any responsibility for the situations in which the user publishes his address or any other personal data, on his own initiative, in a public message, on any of the MIA pages.

On the site www.mias-children.ro advertisements and / or links to pages of third parties, including partners, advertising providers or sponsors may be present. The information provided to external pages is not under the control of the MIA and any publication of personal data on other pages on the Internet is done at its own risk.